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ALESSIO TASCAis one of FORNI & FORNI 's keenest appreciators. Born in Nove (Vi) in 1929, he studied pottery in the Art Schools at Nove, Venice and Florence.
His works have achieved international recognition at the Biennal International Exhibition of Modern Art of Venice, the Triennal Exhibition of Milan, the International Competition of Faenza, the Exhibition of Italian Pottery at the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, the Biennal Exhibition of Gubbio and the Darlington Craft Camp.
From 1979 to 1989, together with Lee Babel he was angaged in restoring the eighteenth-century pottery works at Rivarotta near Nove. An experience that resulted in an exhibition. In the naked beauty of the building's structures, now Tasca's workshop, one can find a suggestive bringing together of two centuries of history in the pottery industry: old furnaces in masonry alongside a modern plant realized by FORNI & FORNI.




POMPEO PIANEZZOLA lives and works in Nove (Vi), where he was born in 1925. After studying at the Ceramics Art School of Nove and at the Fine Arts School of Venice, he starded a multiple activities as an artist, arousing special interest in the making of shields (even shields of one meter in diameter) thus offering customary ceramic forms in a new way.
In 1963, with five shields, he won the Faenza Prize Ever since then, he has been present in all of the most important exhibitions and national and international competitions. Recently, he has been occupied in research for an elegant colour writing, entrusted to ceramic leafs that are also very large.
This refined and many-side artist of international inspiration and culture, enhances the artistic values in his works by the clever use of those tools available to him: and amo,gst these there is the latest electronically-controlled FORNI & FORNI furnace.